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What is your policy on weapons?

Since most fans brandish weapons of some kind or another that are usually created from Nerf guns etc we have a very open policy. If the weapon is in fact a toy you may keep it in the open. If the weapon is based on a real gun, blade or knife we ask that it is peace-bound to a holster or sheath on your person for safety. You may be asked to show your weapon if a security person is wondering if it is a toy or not. They are only doing their job so please remember no one wants an incident and we will respect you but just make commonsense decisions when it has to do with weapons.

Can I wear a costume to the event?

Absolutely. Again this is an immersion convention so of course you can wear a costume. In fact, we encourage period dress and Steampunk/Diesel/Clock attire. Go all out and create a couture collection to wear all weekend or just come modestly with goggles and a vest. It’s entirely up to you but we do ask, because of the theme of the convention, that attendees do not wear jeans and novelty t-shirts.

The convention would never refuse anyone entrance but be aware that many will be in full costume and acting in their personas over the weekend. We want the effect to be as believable as possible.

What if I don’t have a period costume to wear before the convention?

This is why I choose vendors who will be able to help you create and explore the Steam fashion world. There will be many in our Dealers Room with many different looks ranging from Steam to Clock to Diesel design and goggles, hats and jewelry for everyone. Everything will be there and for sale. Come early Friday afternoon and shop aboard our duty-free area.

What are the VIP memberships?

This membership category helps us create the world you will enter. The cost is $140 and not only are you helping the convention but you are also getting some very interesting perks. The sad news is that we are SOLD OUT of this ticket category.

Who runs TeslaCon? How can I join?

Lord Bobbins is the creator and ongoing magician who runs and keeps the aether going.

I heard that TeslaCon always has a theme. What is it this year?

Yes, TeslaCon’s theme this year is 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Aether. This year we pay homage to THE great Jules Verne and all the adventure he created.

In fact, there are several themes throughout the weekend. The main one, obviously, is London itself, along with a Victorian military look. This also includes the bad guys plus any other nation you can think of to help stop evil from spreading through the world. Each theme is part of the overall ambiance and still fits within the main theme.

This also makes it easier for people to make costumes and attire. More themes, more choices!

Do you offer one day memberships?

Yes. Though the weekend price is a far better deal! Your passport gets you into everything for one price. ** Remember, however, that the only exception to that is the Tea Room and the two dinners (good guys/bad guys) and orSpecial classes that require supplies.** Unlike other conventions where you are asked to pay separate prices for the evening’s entertainment, TeslaCon includes ALL activities in the price of admission.

We would like people to know that by pre-registering it helps in many ways. First, we know exactly how many people will be attending and this helps with planning activities and special panels where handouts are needed. Second, it helps with paying for everything. Recreating the 1880’s is not a cheap affair so, by registering early, not only is it cheaper for you but it also makes it possible for us to afford things that will enhance and contribute towards the weekend. So please pre-register and lock in a cheaper fair aboard the ship!

FAQ: Events

What is there to do at TeslaCon?

Well, to put it simply, a lot! Most conventions run on the same basic premise - panels, parties and one or two main events. What makes TeslaCon so varied and different is we decided to change that out-dated plan so the moment you walk into our convention the adventure begins.

This year you will hear sounds of old London and the streets that made it famous. There are sound effects and visual sites all throughout the convention.

Panels, debates, classes and seminars will fill the weekend from Friday until Sunday afternoon. We also have special presentations that are free but limited seating. Have your photograph taken a hundred different ways in our photography booth. Perhaps you want to relax after several seminars and decided some tea with biscuits is appropriate – you can do that by spending time in our Tea Room. In the evening there are larger events such as Lord Bobbins’ full traditional Ball on Saturday night complete with dance instructions throughout the weekend.

For those of you who yearn for more we have an interactive murder mystery that takes place through the weekend along with several times when you can experience true immersion throughout the weekend.

We also encourage parties and room activities after 9PM for people to enjoy.

Does TeslaCon focus on any specific type of Steamfandom?

TeslaCon is a 100% Steampunk event. Everything from costuming to the Tea Room to special gaming to parties and discussion panels – all are based on the Steampunk culture. We do, however, accept all levels and types of fandoms including Steampunk, Clockpunk, Dieselpunk, Raygun Gothic, Lolita, Chrononaut and more

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