TeslaCon – Celebrating Steampunk Everywhere

I’ve been to 2 Steampunk Cons so far this year, and several other events. Our fans always go out of their way to be creative, clever and above all ingenious with their abilities. I am always pleasantly surprised by the creative joy that flows through this community and the fandom it is creating. The diverseness and beauty of our people is always inspiring!
I also see that for many the last two years are not quite over. The delays, the isolation and and the missing of ones friends takes it toll. Take heart- we will get through this, we will ALL meet again soon and we will continue to see Steampunk grow and flourish as we once did. It is not possible to contain such wonderful people and their creative souls for long.
I made this to say ” I see you, and that I believe in you”, even if you are not back yet at a convention or out in general. Keep being you, keep creating and stay motivated. We will soon all be exploring the aether again, and the skies will be clear once more.
– Lord Bobbins of TeslaCon