Teslacon: The Curse of Anubis
Presenters Information

We are Welcoming New and
First-Time Presenters!

Teslacon is looking for new presenters to TC and for first-time ever presenters this year.


Whether you’re presented at other conventions or never presented before, we want to hear from you! We’ll be providing suggestions and help for first time presenters – we’ll post articles, videos, and other suggestions on how to give a great presentation. Of course our more seasoned Steampunk presenters are welcome too.

The Scoop

Teslacon is Thursday, 30 November to Monday 4 December 2023. We’re looking for presentations from Thursday to Sunday. We will ask you when you are available to present and do our best to schedule everyone but we can’t always honor specific time requests.

We welcome both general audience (G, PG, and PG-13 ratings) and adult presentations. Adult presentations will be scheduled after 9pm.

If you’re interested in presenting, please read this page, agree to the terms at the bottom of the page, and then fill out your presentation application. We’ll get back to you with any questions and let you know if you’re accepted.

Even if your presentation is accepted for TC, you still must purchase a ticket.

What Presentations Topics We Are Looking For

TeslaCon itself is 100% a Steampunk event. Everything from costuming to the Tea Room to special gaming to parties and discussion panels – all are based on the Steampunk culture. We do, however, accept all levels and types of fandoms including Steampunk, Clockpunk, Dieselpunk, Raygun Gothic, Lolita, Chrononaut, and more.

Teslacon: The Curse of Anubis will obviously have a very Egyptian flair and focus. Egyptian and Middle Eastern topics are welcome. But don’t just limit yourself to these. Other topics appropriate for an Alternate Steampunk reality just prior to the turn of the Century (1892-1894) are also welcome. Please click here to see a list of possible suggested topics – but remember, these are only suggestions, use your imagination!

Types of Presentations We Are Looking For

  • Demo - Similar to a Maker panel, but only the instructor creates something. The session should include all the steps necessary for the attendees to create it later, whether you demonstrate all the steps live or discuss some of the steps in detail. Room logistics to be discussed. Session length TBD.
  • Discussion - General discussion; no Audio-Visual, no projector needed, microphone provided. Sessions are a total of 90 minutes - one hour for the presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A, followed by 15 minutes for cleanup and reset for next speaker.
  • Maker - A Hands-on, DIY education session where the attendees create something and take it home with them by following the instructions and guidance of the instructor. Sessions are longer, small fees to cover in-class materials are acceptable. Room logistics to be discussed. Session length TBD.
  • Multi-media with Audio-Visual - Projector needed (see presentation form for details), microphone provided. Sessions are a total of 90 minutes - one hour for the presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A, followed by 15 minutes for cleanup and reset for next speaker.
  • Panel - A Question-and-Answer session where the facilitator askes the panelists questions and they answer. Opening up to questions from the audience is optional. Table, chairs, & microphones provided. Sessions are a total of 90 minutes - one hour for the presentation, 15 minutes for Q&A, followed by 15 minutes for cleanup and reset for next speaker.

Why does the TC Presentation Formatting have to be High Quality

Teslacon prides itself on providing high quality presentations. Lord Bobbins comes out of the industry. When you’re creating your presentation, please make sure you only use high resolution images and that your slides are clear, easy to read (including from the back of the room), and not crowded. This makes for a better presentation and ensures that the attendees can see clear, easy to view pictures and graphics. We will be posting hints & suggestions for first time presenters to the TC web site later.

Why does TC request Presenters send in their Presentations in Advance?

Sending in your presentations early allows us to review it for any issues so we can work with you to resolve them in advance plus it ensures we have a digital copy of your presentation just in case anything goes wrong.

Presentation Ownership

All ownership of Intellectual Property (i.e., copyright) of presentations is retained by the presenters. TC does retain the right to market your presentation in advance by its title only.

I want to present this year! How Do I Submit my Presentation Idea(s)?

Carefully read all this page, then please fill out the Presentation Form below. If you want to submit more than one presentation idea, please fill out one Presentation Form for each presentation idea. Only submissions made by this Presentation Form will be considered – email submissions or FB comments will not be considered.

What happens after I click Submit?

TC will receive your submission and review it. We may come back and ask for more details or clarification. We will let you know whether or not you have been accepted. How long it takes to let you know depends on how many presentation submissions we receive and usually happens shortly after the submission window closes so we can review all the submissions. Please note submission does not guarantee acceptance; your presentation is not accepted until you receive a respond stating such from TC. Confirmation that your Presentation Form has been submitted is not acceptance.

Presentation Form