Make your own intaglio print

Intaglio is a printing process where you engrave or etch an image into a plate, and then run the plate and paper through a press to create your image.  Participants will be provided with a drypoint needle and 2.5”x5” clear carve plates for engraving.  Examples of drypoint engraving techniques will be provided to demonstrate shading and line work techniques.  Once the engraving is completed, participants can have their plate inked in a single color, and then run their plate through a mini 3D printed press (from the open press project) to create their print.  Create your own drawing, design a dance card, or use creative commons line work and try your hand at intaglio printmaking.  Have kids that want to join?  They can draw an image on paper for you to engrave, or if they are comfortable using a drypoint pen (which has a sharp pointy end but is not a blade) they can create their own plates.