Soirées to Die For

Presented by: Randon Myers

A discussion on tips of how to throw a successful themed party. We will cover selecting a theme and then from there look at invitation ideas, music selection, themed food and drink, decorations and costumes for guests. Examples to be shown and stories to be told of past parties by the presenter. Handouts of tips and party ideas to be given out.

This panel with be PG for those who want to attend but will manly focus on adult 21+ themed parties due to the inclusion of alcoholic beverage ideas. Though parents with kids in attendance would just have to make the nonalcoholic adjustments. Below is a rough outline of what is to be covered. 


  • little bit about me
  • History of my themed parties
  • Why they are fun
  • Simple to elaborate 


  • – choosing a theme
  • – timeline and invitations (how many)
  1. Show examples of mine
  • Enlisting help based on party size
  • Plan for an RSVP
  • Food (following theme)
  1. DIY
  2. Cater it
  3. Pot luck (delegate!)
  4. Serving amount tips
  • Drinks
  1. BYOB 
  2. Signature Cocktails
  3. Nonalcoholic 
  4. Serving amount tips 
  • Decorations (examples)
  1. Store bought/Thrift
  2. Crafting simple
  3. Phone a friend n build
  • Theme Music 
  1. Live band
  2. DJ
  3. Playlist/Pandora/Spotify (examples)

Day of party

  • timeline
  • Food & Drink prep
  • Delegate delegate delegate
  • Be ready 30 mins before first guest
  • Plenty of trash receptacles

Theme party ideas (handout)

  • Victorian Tea Party
  • Day of the Dead
  • Spooky Dinner Party
  • Sky’s the limit