Victorian Ribbon Embroidery Make & Take

Presented by: Athena Booklover

Ribbon embroidery was used in the Victorian Era to decorate everything from parasols to ball gowns, from handkerchiefs to neckties. During the late Victorian period ribbon embroidered jewelry became fashionable. So with just a few scraps of silk ribbon and a few stitches Victorians created broaches, necklaces, lapel pins and more. In this maker panel, you will learn a few basic ribbon embroidery stitches and techniques. You will receive a pattern and supplies to complete your own embroidery piece. You will learn how to finish the piece and you will create a piece of jewelry. This is open to all regardless of experience or skill. This activity is appropriate for Ladies and Gentlemen, older children, monsters or anyone else interested in reviving this craft. There is a small fee for materials for this panel.

Please register before panel.