About TeslaCon Steampunk Convention

TeslaCon is the largest single immersion event for Steampunk fans in North America. Join us as we travel throughout the world and explore a new mystery with Sherlock Holmes, Lord Bobbins, Admiral Krieger and of course the most hated villain in the world Dr. Proctocus along with his members of SWARM.

TeslaCon was started specifically to get away from the "huge convention feel". We wanted to provide a weekend-long refuge for Steampunk fans and alike who wanted to immerse themselves in a world of cogs, dreams, and adventure.

TeslaCon Themes

Teslacon (2010)

20,000 Leagues Beneath the Aether

Journey to the Moon

Congress of Steam

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The Wild Wild West

Grand Scientific Exposition (Paris)

Bucharest Bungle (Romania)

The Battle of Britain

Murder on the Orient Express

War of the Worlds (2021)

Hawthorne Manor (2022)

Curse of Anubis (2023)