Tickets for TeslaCon

One great price for 5 days!

A weekend/VIP/daily admission ticket allows the bearer to enter into all main activities. Exemptions are the TeslaCon Tea Room (purchase at the Tea Room ticket table), Special themed dinners (purchased in advance), and any or all special events that include a fee (such as makers room "make & take" and special guest workshops).



See note below regarding VIP tickets


$35 per child
Ages 6-13 Free for 5 years & under


2 adults Up to 5 children 13 & under

Note: TeslaCon tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE! Please contact us if you plan to resell/giveaway your ticket so we can update our Registration records.

Daily Ticket Prices

Friday $35.00, Saturday $40.00
Sunday $20.00

Sunday Shopping Pass

Free for those who only want to shop in the Dealers Room during vending hours, but please check in at Registration.

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VIP Tickets

For more information about VIP tickets, please click here.