Vendors at TeslaCon

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone has been doing well since we last saw each other at TeslaCon 12 "Hawthorne Manor." It's now time to begin selecting vendors for the next TeslaCon, "Curse of Anubis."

If you know of a vendor who may be interested in vending at TeslaCon, please forward the TeslaCon Dealer Application along to them. As always we will be selecting vendors who offer more traditional steampunk wares, such as jewelry, clothing, leather goods, confections, and tea. We always receive more applications than we have spaces to accommodate, and the categories of women's clothing, jewelry, and leather goods are very competitive. One area that our fans have been asking for more representation in is men's clothing. Please fill out the TeslaCon Dealer's Room application as soon as you possibly can.

Applications will be open until April 20th, and acceptance letters will start to be sent via email by May 1st.

We are trying to get those vendors who WANT to be in the hotel to sign up now however. This has to do more with the Marriott's new booking system. *Previous acceptance as a vendor at TeslaCon does not mean automatic acceptance as a vendor to TeslaCon 2023 "Curse of Anubis" *Due to recent changes at Marriott Corporate, we cannot guarantee that vendors will be placed in the main hotel. We will do our absolute best to get as many vendors into our room block as we can, and can only offer 1 room per vendor. *There are several hotels in the area with rates that are similar, if not lower than the main hotel, and most offer complimentary breakfast and other amenities that the main hotel does not offer.

Competitive Dealer Categories Women's Clothing Jewelry Leather Goods Seeking Men's Clothing Oddities (pinned insects, bone art, taxidermy)

Deadline for vendors who want a room IN THE MAIN HOTEL is March 15th, 2023.

All federal, state, and local laws governing retail sales tax must be followed. You must understand the rules and regulations and comply. All vendors/artists are responsible for their own taxes, licenses, and permits. (Sales tax is currently 5%) Sales are strictly between the vendor and customer only.

By submitting this application you are agreeing to abide by the vendor rules established for TeslaCon 2023.

Send the completed Form to: or by USP at: TeslaCon Vendors 7701 Autumn Blaze Trail Deforest, WI 53532

Vendors Signup Form