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Games of Olmec

Games of Olmec

History of Olmec

Pre-Olmec cultures flourished in the area since 2500 BCE, but by 1500 BCE, Early Olmec culture emerged. They were the first Mesoamerican civilization and laid many of the foundations for the civilizations that followed, such as the Maya. Located along the Gulf Coast, in the states of Veracruz and Tabasco, the Olmec left a lasting impact on the region, influencing later Mesoamerican civilizations.

Known for their iconic colossal heads carved from basalt, the Olmec also excelled in sophisticated artwork, agricultural techniques, and religious practices.

Their enigmatic Olmec script remains only partially deciphered, adding to the mystery surrounding this remarkable civilization. Despite their eventual decline, their cultural legacy continued to shape the course of Mesoamerican history.

While this history is known little is known or heard about, it seems a rather large, boulder named OLMEC is also on Kraken Island. While not much is known of him, where he is from, how he was created, or for that matter how he learned to talk, one thing is certain: he loves to be a challenge. He also hoards his treasures like the Queen’s Chest from 1715. He is known for putting unlucky adventurers through their paces in challenges requiring great skill, nimble dexterity, and extreme cleverness.

What is known is minimal, but strange tales have been told from survivors through the ages that the rock has intriguing puzzles and games of chance that you must pass one at a time to get closer to the eventual chest itself. Aided by his spies on the island and by the Kraken itself, he is a formidable enemy and clever adversary. However, it is not impossible to outsmart him; after all, he is a rock. He prefers to have teams of humans engage with him with each member taking a portion of the risk to see in the end who is the wisest and most clever among them.

While Professor Witherington and cohorts look for the chest, they must also help guide intrepid assistants along the path of enlightenment and danger as the games unfold. Each step will bring you closer to the chest, but if you lose, you take one step closer to facing the wrath of the rock god OLMEC. Beware the curse of Kraken Island and the lure of treasure and riches. Unless you feel you are more than qualified to make the journey to the great unknown world of KRAKEN ISLAND!

The Games

The games are broken into five individual events with five individual teams. Each game becomes more difficult as you move forward. Every competition begs you to bring all your knowledge and cleverness to bear.

Along with you will be our two intrepid adventure-seeking archeologists: R.J. Witherington and Dr. Jones, both from Oxford. They were sent to the island by King Hastings to discover where the gold is actually hidden and return it to the realm. Along with them, a certain strange and awkward pirate and a time-trapped young man from the distant past. Together, they guide you along the way to the final glory of capturing the chest itself.

The five events will span Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thursday will be a pre-meeting for those in attendance. This will take place later in the evening.

Points are accumulated and calculated as we go. There will be a tally board to see how well your team is doing. Much like the Burial Chamber from “The Curse of Anubis,” these games are not timed precisely. The purpose is WHO will complete the task first, second, and so on.

There will also be small separate treasure hunts along the way to help you--or perhaps hinder you, if you are unlucky enough. Setbacks, setups, and success are all part of the adventure, including immunity! But beware! Understanding the clues and finding the right artifacts is all part of the game.

If there is a tie (and there could be) a sudden playoff orchestrated by OLMEC himself will take place. (This would be Sunday after the last event runs.) The winning team and best player will be announced at closing ceremonies.

Before the weekend starts, there will be clues on how to succeed in your endeavors at a quickened pace. Suggestions and readings will be prompted to you online.

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The Details

This immersive experience is for those who wish to take the weekend a little farther and be even more a part of the story. We estimate, on average, for each competition to last between 15 to 30 minutes.

You should be at the event area at least ten minutes prior to the start so the event can begin on time. We encourage your whole team to be part of it and cheer on your compatriots. Each event will be designated on a map for you with start times. If the selected people are not present at the start, the team must select others on the team to take their place.

Each team member (20 in total for each team) will have a chance to participate. Teams must decide who will do what event and when. (four players divided by five teams = 20 per team). A brief overview of the games will be given with priority on skill levels, etc.

We will provide you with team colors, and you are more than welcome to bring your cheering sections with you as you move forward. Remember, this is a team-building, fan-building exercise, as well.  Meeting new people and participating as a team is a part of the games. Cooperation and, above all, teamwork can win the day!

Awards and accolades will be given out for best team effort, player, etc.

*The games are designed to make you think, decipher, use coordination, and above all participate to have fun. While some are more difficult than others the main thing to remember is to work as a group. Help one another and conquer the evil stone king OLMEC.

The cost is an additional $25 per person. All the competitions have their own designs and puzzles and each is made specifically for the event that is being held.  Afterward, if you wish to purchase one of the many games you may do so at cost. Our goal is to provide fun and excitement, not make a profit on this.

Instead of buying the tickets online and having to pay another surcharge, we will do this like the dinners at TeslaCon. I will have this web page updated daily so you can see the number of tickets left. If a team does not fill all its slots, the team may decide who in the group can go twice if needed.


How to Sign Up

To sign up please review to see how many tickets are left first. Then make sure you write your name on the TeslaCon fans page- that way we can see where the spots that are open are at all times. This page will be updated daily.

Send your payment for *$25 in check or Bank Note to:

TeslaCon Games

7701 Autumn Blaze Trail
Deforest, WI 53532

•Include your name
•The names of others you are signing up
•And a contact email, or telephone number to reach you
•Please PRINT or type out your information

Your names will be added and when we hit 20 people per team, that section will close.
When all is done a list of all participants will be on the web page and on the TC fans page on Facebook. We will suggest meeting up with your team before the competitions begin, so you can decide who will be at what game. Remember this is about:

•Individual Talent
•And above all FUN!

We want everyone to enjoy the weekend but also have fun solving the puzzles and tasks at hand. Throughout the early Fall, you will get hints and ideas to help you while at the convention. We will try to have a meeting on Thursday night or Friday Mid-Morning for everyone (ALL TEAMS - ALL TOGETHER).

It is important to know that the best results will come when the team works as a cohesive unit, but also using the skills and talents of those that best fit the individual games. In the end ALL participants will have had a chance to play the games. When you are not participating you are there to cheer on your team, take photos, and above all have fun with your fellow fans at TeslaCon. If you have questions, concerns or want to know more please write us through the web site.  (ABOUT – CONTACT – EVENT ORGANIZER) I will endeavor to answer all questions as quickly as possible. If tickets sell out before I receive a payment, your check will be returned promptly.

Lord Bobbins

Spots still available as of 5/18/2024:

  • The Salty Krakens 10 tickets remain
  • The Dashing Sharks- 12 tickets remain
  • The Ghost Pirates- 12 tickets remain
  • The Dapper T-Rex’s- 7 tickets remain
  • The Royal Sea horses- 7 tickets remain

*We ask you to send a payment to keep the cost down and more affordable. The exact same method has been used for the banquet tickets for the last 11 years everything has worked fine. We do not use Paypal or electronic because of fees.

All the money collected is used to make, design and print the games for this year’s competitions. In the end if you wish to purchase ANY of the puzzles we use, we will sell them at COST! Thank you again for your patronage.