a weekend dedicated to a plethora of preposterous paranormal predicaments & piffling passions

November 10th - 13th, 2022

Welcome to TeslaCon!

TeslaCon is the largest single immersion event for Steampunk fans in North America. We celebrate our 12th year by taking us to the lovely and odd Hawthorne Manor. Dark humor and complete insanity combined with the aesthetic fun of Steampunk!

Mark your calendars!
November 10th - 13th, 2022 is the date!


Latest News

Panel Submissions are Now Open!

By Lord Bobbins | March 16, 2022

Here is your chance to show the world of Steampunk what you know! Panel submissions for TC12 are now live.…

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The Ghostly Ball!

By Lord Bobbins | March 14, 2022

The first BIG post of the year as to what will happen at TeslaCon 12! Besides being a BAll, we…

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Panel Ideas for TeslaCon

By Lord Bobbins | March 11, 2022

Let’s get started. Rev up those brains, start ideation groups, think and be creative… This year is wide open with…

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