What We Are About

A word, a thought and an idea. For over 6 years, TeslaCon has been an event, an adventure or, even more so, a destination; one that many have taken and continue to take to this day.

TeslaCon is, at its core, an immersion event. What this means is that, besides the wonderful panels, talented entertainers and fantastic dealers’ rooms, attendees fully experience the story and time period throughout the convention over the three days they are attending.


TeslaCon 7 tickets will go on Sale Jan. 10th, 2016 at 8AM standard time



  • limited to only 600 regulator tickets
  • Tickets for Grand Royale, Balmoral and Victoria will also go on sale
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Please remember

Book your rooms as soon as possible, we expect these hotels to sell out as well. We have sold out every year, so don’t expect this to be any different. ALWAYS call the local hotel numbers first. Make sure to say you are part of TESLACON for any of these hotels! All hotels are in minutes of the main hotel, and two can be walked from in under 3 minutes. We want to emphasize that two hotels offer a full breakfast as well as the reduced room rate. The Main Marriott will also offer concierge pick-up for those who do need transportation, to and from the hotels. Please REMEMBER to tell the person who is making your reservations you are with TESLCON 7 to receive your discounted room rate.

The Madison Marriott West
$99 Per Night

(608) 831-2000

Sold Out
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Madison West/Middleton

(608) 836-3033



Please only call the LOCAL HOTEL numbers when booking your rooms, you may also use direct links listed at the bottom. By calling national we cannot guarantee you your room or price. You must also ask for a confirmation number upon booking and an email confirmation if possible. We also suggest asking for the agents name and note of the day and time the room is booked. If in case you must release your room between January 1st and November 15th you must also ask for a cancellation confirmation number. Without this information we cannot help anyone if there are booking problems of any type. If you want a larger room ask for it at time of booking.

Please note that if you have a bank card that expires within this coming calendar year it is up to you to make sure that your card information is updated at the chosen hotel at least 2 weeks prior to the convention. Failure to do this may mean having your reservation deleted on the expiration date. No shows will also be charged by respective hotels for failure to update/ cancel any reservations ahead of time.


List is from Teslacon 6. Not current.