A Snap O’Grady Adventure, Episode 3: Revenge of the Lizard-Men

hosted by BrassGears Adventure Radio

A live, full cast performance of a new original audio drama in the style of early 20th century radio shows. This thrilling finale to the Uranus Trilogy, takes place immediately after the events of “Uranus Strikes Back!” (as seen at Teslacon 2022). Whilst our heroes were away bringing peace and justice to the planet Uranus, the darling Miss Leticia Potts of the Pennsylvania Potts, was abducted by persons or entities unknown, and The BrassGears Adventurers Society has sworn they shall not rest until she is recovered safe and sound. Our heroes shall cross the globe in search of the missing heiress, and find themselves in their deadliest clash with their enigmatic enemy, The Order of the Whispering Bones, before an ancient plot leads them back to long forgotten ruins in the Egyptian desert, and a primordial foe poised to eradicate all