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The Spirited Panels at TeslaCon

By Lord Bobbins | April 2, 2022

  A NEW Panel SERIES! Learn the beginnings of these spirited spirits and how they have influenced us over the years! 18+ (no alcohol is served during these panels)

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TeslaCon – Celebrating Steampunk Everywhere

By Lord Bobbins | April 1, 2022

I’ve been to 2 Steampunk Cons so far this year, and several other events. Our fans always go out of their way to be creative, clever and above all ingenious with their abilities. I am always pleasantly surprised by the creative joy that flows through this community and the fandom it is creating. The diverseness…

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Hawthorne Manor Room Suites

By Lord Bobbins | March 21, 2022

SIGNUP for room suites for TeslaCon 12. All I need is your name & dates staying. COMMENT ON HERE ONLY! ( 11-10/ 11-14) Nothing else. There are ONLY 29 rooms. We cannot guarantee floor or placement.I will contact those people whose names are drawn asap. (April 1st)… so make sure you watch your FB mail.…

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Panel Submissions are Now Open!

By Lord Bobbins | March 16, 2022

Here is your chance to show the world of Steampunk what you know! Panel submissions for TC12 are now live. bit.ly/teslacon-panel-submissions

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The Ghostly Ball!

By Lord Bobbins | March 14, 2022

The first BIG post of the year as to what will happen at TeslaCon 12! Besides being a BAll, we will also have the famous Witches dance as in interlude and also something far bigger. My hope is to see 1000 people doing “THE TIMEWARP!!” Yes, we can’t get any more kooky-spooky than that. Come…

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Panel Ideas for TeslaCon

By Lord Bobbins | March 11, 2022

Let’s get started. Rev up those brains, start ideation groups, think and be creative… This year is wide open with so many possibilities. But let’s also think about some old ideas in new ways. Let’s find those tid-bits of information rarely known, or perhaps rarely discussed! The following are thoughts and themes for you to…

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