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A Call for Panelists and Lecturers

By Lord Bobbins | January 25, 2023

A Call for Panelists and Lecturers Types of possible talks, lectures and presentation ideas PLEASE use this as a guide, but feel free to create more! We want big ideas and fun topics! Understanding Archeology in the 1800’s What was know by 1890 about the Egyptians Archeological breakthroughs in the 1800’s The Rosetta Stone and…

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TeslaCon Masquerade Ball

By Lord Bobbins | January 24, 2023

TeslaCon Masquerade Ball With fanfare and great elation I blissfully announce the ball for this years TeslaCon. Saturday evening of the convention. A Masquerade Extravaganza! A function of style, grace and complete disregard for conventional thought and decorum. This is a chance to indulge in a fantasy costume, a charade, a complete deception of appearance…

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2023 TeslaCon Colors of Egypt

By Lord Bobbins | January 23, 2023

2023 TeslaCon Colors of Egypt Besides fabric colors, I have shone the best represented colors in their pallet. I had to comb over many versions to find the most common colors, but this should be of help to you if you decide to use these colors with your costumes. Below is an explanation of them,…

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Fashion Ideas for TeslaCon 2023

By Lord Bobbins | January 12, 2023

Fashion Ideas for TeslaCon 2023 Here’s some fashion ideas for TeslaCon 2023! Bear in mind, you are welcome to come as you are. Even though steampunk attire is suggested, it is not obligatory.  We want you to have fun and feel comfortable!

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Get Your Tickets Today!

By Captain Quaestor | January 9, 2023

Get Your Tickets Today! Join us as we celebrate out Thirteenth year, and do it in a whole new way. For over 12 years, we have been the premiere immersion experience for Steampunk fans. Our characters and immersive stories have been seen by thousands, and now we continue our story in a whole new elaborate…

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2023 TeslaCon Competitions

By Lord Bobbins | December 15, 2022

2023 TeslaCon Competitions So many ways this could go, but I started thinking about what people would look like. What they would need if they were in a desert and how would it benefit them. So basically, practical stuff that you could use that is both influenced by Egyptian themes but also by Steampunk design…

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