TeslaCon 14 Art Competitions

The main competitions are as follows:

  • Airship Pirate Flag Design
  • The Mystery of Kraken Island Lego Behemoth of the Seas
  • Coconut Cream Pie Bakeoff*
  • Designing Fabulous Flamingos of Boom-Boom Lagoon
  • Chapeau (Hat) Competition
  • General Overall Art

The 2024 Art Competitions (*and bake-off) will be held in one of the main conference rooms from Thursday registering to Saturday morning viewing.
Pirate Flag Design and Coconut Cream Pie Bakeoff will not be shown or tasted in the art room.
Flags will be displayed outside on the ledges of the floors to decorate so everyone can see them. The Pies will be voted on Thursday evening due to the nature of the product. This will take place IN the Tea Room once it closes down for the evening.

You must register before the convention, on the web page. We are doing this so we know approximately how many people will be showing art and so we have enough room for it.
At the convention, you will complete the sign-in and get your official artist card to place by your works. We are slated to have the room for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Morning until 12.
Artists MUST PICK UP their work before we close.

We are short on rooms this year so to have the space needed for the show we do need to see how many will be attending. We need at least 35 entries. This includes pieces from the Lego competition, Flamingos, and any other art that is themed for the show. If not enough people sign up we will have to use a smaller room. We need everyone who is planning on participating to register online by Oct. 5th, 2024. This is so we can plan on set up and takedown properly.

Those pieces that are not picked up on time will be given to registration. If you do NOT pick your art up before it closes, you must wait until Sunday morning.
Online signup will be simple. Name and what piece(s) you will be bringing. There will be a separate column for general art so you would, enter your name and then type of piece—sculpture, painting, drawing, etc. Prizes for best art pieces based on the theme will be given out and voted by the fans. First, Second, and Third. Judging takes place on Friday Evening. Winners will be announced during the dance. Flags, Pies, flamingos, and Legos will be judged separately.

All pieces should be based on this year’s theme- and there are so many variations you can choose. Dinos and Pirates, Caribbean myths, Atlantis, etc. It pretty much is wide open.

Now for specific rules:

Airship Pirate Flag Design

The flag must be in a general shape, usually 3x5. It can be larger but does not have to be. The flags can be displayed on the railings of the floors of the hotel. If you are not staying you can
pick a spot. All people entering must place their card of info on the flag where you hang it. We encourage people to use the 2nd and 3rd floors the most.

The Mystery of Kraken Island Lego Behemoth of the Seas

This competition is basic. Create a LEGO-themed piece for this year’s convention. Anything goes. Information on the sculpture will be on the artist's tag- this is where you can explain the story behind the creation. These will ONLY BE DISPLAYED IN THE ART SHOW itself. There will be TWO (2) categories one for adults, and one for children. From Krakens to Pirates plunder you decide, and you create. The sculptures must be PG-13 at most.

Coconut Cream Pie Bakeoff*

This one will be judged on Thursday evening. Because of the nature of it, all pies must be kept frozen or refrigerated at best until judging starts. Again, you will be able to fill out a form beforehand to bring with you- you must list ALL ingredients in the pies. For that fact, they can also be “bars”- or anything with the Key Lime flavoring ( I am letting people be creative here). This will help with transport we hope. More info will be forthcoming before the can starts.

Designing Fabulous Flamingos of Boom-Boom Lagoon

This is the newest competition. You will be taking a plastic yard Flamingo and creating a new bird! Well, sort of. You will be theming the Flamingo for the con. You may use a general-size lawn ornament or a smaller type. Each bird must be decorated and finished BEFORE the convention. You may decide to do a dino theme, a pirate theme, a crazy-wacky mysterious island theme, or a general steampunk version. All are acceptable. The Flamingos will be displayed in the garden plants surrounding the tea room as decoration. Judging will still take place on Friday evening, but you must register by then to enter. Mr. Steeps will show you where you can place your creations. You may enter more than once for this competition.

These creations should be fun, vibrant, and above all promote steampunk! Have fun.

Chapeau (Hat) Competition

This competition will be a fun way to show off your art all weekend… The rules are very simple and easy. Find a hat, one that can be “fiddled with” and decorate it! Shells, coral, dinosaur hide, Rum Labels, anything you can think of to be part of this year’s theme. Literally, you will be making a work of art ON a hat! Entries will be brought to the art show with other pieces. After judging you may wear the hat for the rest of the weekend! If you have a hat stand please bring it (decorate that as well) have fun! Bring your art to life on your head and let the world see your inventiveness. But above all make it Steamy!

General Art

You may paint, crochet, knit, sculpt, or even draw… but it must be original. Matting would be preferred for displaying your pieces. We suggest nothing over 16x20 if possible. You may drop the art off starting Thursday afternoon, along with all our paperwork.

Door Decor

As always we will have a door decorating contest in the main hotel, based on the THEME! So be inventive and have fun!

Again, I thank my staff and everyone who helped with this. So many have asked for this to return and we thought this would be a great year for it. Please remember that you will be able to fill out your sheets beforehand and you must bring them with you. We will have some pre-printed but they must be filled out by hand. There is NO ENTRY FEE, but we ask you to keep the art to PG-13 at most and remember young eyes will be seeing the exhibit also.

This is a fun thing we all do together. Some artist may wish to sell their pieces and may. On your sheets, there will be a place where you can list the item. ALL SALES ARE BETWEEN THE ARTIST AND THE BUYER. TeslaCon does not process sales or transactions of any kind for the art show.

Proof of purchase must be shown for people to pick up the art at the closing.

I think that is it for now- so start your Legos, get your recipes ready, start fancying up your flamingos, and above all HAVE FUN! This is YOUR art show, make it something to remember!

- Lord Bobbins

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