Bearded Ladies Build-a-Beard Maker Panel

BUILD-a-BEARD Maker Funshop and Fez-tivities – with Baba Teddy and Lady Kate with special guest Inger ‘She-Ra: Mistress’ Talbot – So, you thought that a Con-Tiki Fez Party is for Men Only? Well, Girlz is Pharaohs too… Using the story of Hatshepshut the Female Paharaoh, we will show you make Egyptian Beards and join the Fraternal Order of the Feminist Fez. You will build a Fez and Beard set that will gain you entrance into the Mystical Order of Bearded Pharaohs; secret handshakes and initiations may or may not be shared. We cannot say. (all ages – all genders – Egyptian SteamPunk Drag is encouraged for After Party and Drag Before Party as well)