Djehuti Speaks! … in our own Egypto-Enochian Temple Space

Teresa Burns/ Florene Farrquar
This interactive performance, hopefully scheduled after the proposed presentation “What is Enochian, and why does it keep getting associated with Egyptian magic?”, demonstrates how some have incorporated Enochian elements into ceremonial magic. At least four members of the Victorian magickal order Ordo Rubeus Crux Ansata (ORCA)–Teresa
Burns, Alan Moore, April Lionhart, and Elliot William James– will perform, with appropriately crafted Enochian implements and furniture.
Participants will each be given a script and may sit in the circle if they choose to. Enochian and Hebrew sections will be highlighted. After banishing unwanted spirits, we will create an astral Enochian Temple space, open the Veil, and read a modified version of a work called the Liber Israfel,” which invokes Djehuti into that Temple space.
We will then ask participants to be inspired by the cosmic energy and consciousness of Djehuti, as filtered by whatever their particular individual consciousness needs to hear.
We will have time for sharing experiences, then we will close the Veil, and again banish the Temple space.
Afterwards, participants are welcome to examine the Enochian “furniture” used in the Rite, and to take home a copy of this version of the Liber Israfel.