Get Wired Up – Hand sew a wired hat base

Patricia Schulz
Have you been interested in the art of millinery but don ‘t know where to start? Start by hand sewing a wired hat base that you can cover and decorate any way you wish. You will learn how to wire the rim of a hat base to give it structure and stability. Wiring is a skill you can use to create other hats and headpieces if you continue in the world of millinery. The process includes wiring the hat base then covering it with mulling (you’ll learn what that is). You’ll finish the hat base on your own. You’ll get ideas for covering the hat base with a fashion fabric, binding the edge (or not), decorating with flowers, feathers, ribbons, or just about anything. The final steps are to optionally line the base, add the inside ribbon, and elastic to keep it on your head.
This simple hat style is perfect beginner’s project. Basic hand sewing experience is useful, but not required. If you have the willingness to learn, you’ll be successful. Bring your own sewing kit if you wish. A kit containing all the required materials is available for

$15.00 The kit includes the pattern and directions so you can create more hats on your own.