Santos-Dumont’s airships and other inventions

Ana Dias

Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873 – 1932) was a Brazilian inventor that created both lighter-than-
air and heavier-than-air airships, and is thus consider the father of aviation in many countries, notwithstanding controversies about the title of first to fly a controllable airplane” shared with
the Wright Brothers. This presentation will provide an overview of his life, writings, and inventions.
Being associated with steampunk vibes nowadays, Santos-Dumont’s writings attest his visions for the future and his enjoyment of Julio Verne’s books. He was born into a very wealthy family in Brazil, and pursued some of his education in Europe. He was a frequent exhibitor at the Parisian aviation conventions, during the height of the Belle Époque, a period in European history marked by euphoria with the progress and advancement of science. He dedicated his life to aeronautics and aviation but was devastated by seeing the airplane being used in war. Finally available at TeslaCon… Santos-Dumont, his airships and other inventions!