What is Enochian, and why does it keep getting associated with Egyptian magic?

Teresa Burns/ Florene Farrquar

This presentation describes the purported magickal uses of Enochian, the occult “angelic” language and magical system first recorded in the private journals of Renaissance magus John Dee and scryed by Edward Kelly, and how it became associated by later magicians with Egyptian magic. This association began with the alphabet (though incorrectly to be
associated with the Biblical apocryphal Book of Enoch) and with Dee’s assertion belief that the Biblical patriarch Enoch had been the last human (before Dee and Kelley) to know the language. Thus an implicit “out of Egypt like Moses” argument ensued, helped by the fact that other aspects of the system, like the Sigellum Dei Ameth, used Hebrew rather
than Enochian.
In the Victorian age, the associated began with the simultaneous incorporation of both Egyptian godforms and Enochian aethyrs into astral Temple space of the original Order of the Golden Dawn, the later scrying of Florence Farr (yes, my namesake; also, a member of the original Order of the Golden Dawn), who was also working with an astral “Egyptian Adept,” and continued in the magickal work of Aleister Crowley, particularly in his “Book of the Law,” which was, according to Crowley, dictated through his wife after while doing magic in the Great Pyramid. It also became part of his quarrel with Golden Dawn co-founder MacGregor Mathers (not to be confused with Steampunk sorcerer Sèitheach Macgregor), and resulted in Crowley’s publication of a Golden Dawn-derived tome, Liber Chanokh, which focused on the Enochian magic and temple structure as the “Structure of the Universe.”
After Burns/Farrquarr presents on the history of Enochian, she and Moore/Benuit and Kupperman/Macgregor will share their views on whether the association with Enochian with Egyptian magic is warranted.