Who Cares If It’s ‘Period’?

Laura Meyer

Whether you’re talking Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Rococopunk or anything in-between, there is a costuming intersection between our imagination and various time periods of history.
Sometimes we feel pressure, when fashioning our looks, to adhere to fabrics, styles, even techniques of those time periods… but does it really matter?
Join Laura Meyer, designer, educator and author of “The Victorian Collection: Advanced Costuming Techniques” as she discusses the good, the bad, and the utterly useless aspects of a variety of costuming techniques- some historical, and some modern.
We will look at a variety of techniques outlined in “The Victorian Collection”, with a hands-on display of actual costumes featured in the book. You will walk away with a better idea of how to create historical details with contemporary (read: easier!) methods, how to use modern fabrics and notions to your advantage, how to creatively attain the look you want to achieve.
Bring images of looks you’re inspired by- there will be time at the end for sharing and brainstorming! This panel is an EXCELLENT precursor for TC14!